How Student Drug Dealers are making a killing in the UK

  1. How Student Drug Dealers are making a killing in the UK

Everyone knows students take drugs; it’s enshrined in popular culture and celebrated in films. What many don’t consider is that they might sell them too.

But the fact that some students are drug dealers should come as no surprise. Students often face financial hardship, and selling drugs is a very lucrative option.

The situation is only made easier by the fact that the majority of students tend to live in student halls where they have constant contact with other students and drug users.

There is a ready market, too – many students are keen to avoid meeting potentially dangerous strangers to buy drugs, preferring instead to visit a local student dealer whom their mates have recommended. This means the market for drugs is right on their doorstep, and all they need to do is supply the demand that’s right in front of them.

Many students now smoke cannabis in the Uk

Nearly three quarters of Britain’s 2.5 million university students have taken illegal drugs.

So it follows that somebody has to be there feeding our future MPs, business leaders and unemployed actors their weed, MDMA, cocaine and ketamine (that last substance is up to ten times more likely to be used by students than non-students).

In fact, the student drug market is so sought after that dealers have been known to enrol at universities specifically to take out student loans and sell drugs on campus. Then, of course, there are all the student dealers – those who begin their higher education with good intentions, realise that working a bar job isn’t much fun and start selling drugs to supplement their loan. If you live in halls and don’t know who this guy or girl is yet, take it as a sign that you should get some more friends.

I can’t say if it is morally or socially desirable, but it’s a reality. Drug culture has gone mainstream among students, and with the law as it is, it looks like the market will only keep growing, particularly in universities.

The UK now has one of the most expensive higher educations systems in the developed world. Job prospects for many are dismal and record numbers of young people face the depressing prospect of returning to live with mum and dad when they complete their degree.

Student drug dealers making a killing in the UK

It’s no surprise then that many turn to selling drugs to get out of this situation. Especially when a dealer can easily make £500-£1000 per week.

To lessen the burden of loans and overdrafts, or simply to survive, many students are prepared to take the risk and sell drugs. Examples of students being push to extreme and deprived means are plenty. They’re not just resorting to selling drugs either, a study published in the British Journal of Sociology of Education states that nearly a third of women working in strip clubs are students, often from middle-class families.

This epidemic of student drug dealers is unlikely to end anytime soon. The demand is growing ever larger and with the recent rise in tuition fees and living costs many students have no other option but to try and earn quick money, and drugs is the quickest way.

Let us know of your experiences as a student and taking drugs at university.