Boomtown – £70,000 of Drugs seized at festival

  1. Boomtown Festival

Hampshire Police say they arrested 60 people at last weekend’s Boomtown Fair and seized £70,000 worth of drugs.

They say overall, crime at the festival at the Matterley Bowl near Winchester was down this year.

A police statement said:

“In comparison to previous years, reports of theft, criminal damage, assault and possession of drugs have reduced, whilst the multi agency operation supported by the event organisers to target persons dealing drugs has led to an increase in the number of arrests for drugs supply offences”.


Confiscated items at Boomtown


‘Initial information, which may change as reports will continue to be received after the event, shows that by the end of the festival:

  • Approximately £70,000 of drugs were seized.
  • £15,000 in cash was seized at the event under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
  • Around 60 people were arrested and dealt with away from the event.
  • Violence remained very low, with only four reports received
  • 64 thefts from tents had been reported, compared to 82 immediately following the festival in 2013.

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Festival Security searching festival goer


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