• Stealth Pants are the perfect pair of secret pocket pants to keep your valuables safe

    What’s in your secret pocket?

  • Use our stylish boxer shorts to keep your valuables safe!

    If you’ve ever been on a night out, at a festival, travelling or just out with mates and lost your phone, money or other small valuables, you know how frustrating it can be.

    Your phone can be expensive to replace and you will likely lose all of your Contacts, Photos etc, and no one ever wants to lose their money or other small valuables.

    That’s why we have created the ultimate in Mens Secret Pocket Underwear, Stealth Pants.

  • What are Stealth Pants?

    Stealth Pants have been made with you in mind. These custom boxer shorts have been designed to include a secret pocket on the inside of the front, which is perfect for hiding your small items.

    After weeks of testing, re-designing and prototyping we eventually came up with the perfect design for our boxers, which would secretly hide any small items and at the same time be stylish and comfortable to wear.

    Now our first edition of Stealth Pants is here. We are constantly working to improve the design and feel of the boxers, along with improving the secret pocket. Watch this space for more of our Stealth Products.

    Carry on partying knowing that your valuables are tucked away safely in your Stealth Pants.

  • Perfect for:

    • Partying
    • Festivals
    • Travelling
    • Nights Out
    • When carrying anything valuable!

Get your pair today and keep your valuables protected