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What if there was a way you could protect your stash or valuables 24/7?

Now there is… Stealth Pants

  • Stealth Pants are the perfect pair of stash boxers with a secret pocket to keep your valuables safe

    * Our secret pocket can hold money, phones, id/passport, valuables and more, keep on stashing

  • The ultimate in Mens Stash Pocket Underwear is here.

    Stealth Pants are pants (boxer shorts) that have been designed to include a Secret Pocket on the inside, perfect for stashing your small items.

    Our pocket boxers have been designed so that you, the wearer, feel no discomfort when stashing your valuables. The inside pocket has an elastic band allowing it to easily conform to different shapes and sizes. You can easily carry a phone, money and other small valuables in the pocket and freely move, jump, run and party.

    What can they be used for?

    If you’re Going on a night out, Going to a festival, or Going travelling, Stealth Pants can keep your stash and valuables safe in the secret pocket.

    They can be used to stash anything small, including: Money, Phones, ID, Jewellery, Your Goodies and more.

    Perfect for times when your goods need to be hidden, you have a lack of pockets or you just need to keep something safe.

Get your pair today and keep your valuables protected

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  • There are No Laws in Space, with Stealth Pants stash boxers

  • Use our stash boxers when you're at festivals to protect your valuables with our secret pocket

  • If your going to a festival this summer you need Stealth Pants to keep your valuables and your stash safe

  • Get past security with the ultimate pair of stash boxers to protect your valuables